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This is my entry for Challenge #7 of the Tim HOLTZ COMPENDIUM OF CURIOUSITIES VOLUME III. I am 'pumped' about this entry. Every Challenge directs you to use a new Tim Holtz product AND technique. It is sooooo FUN! I'm going to do every single one....I LOVE the deadline and the limitation of having to use a 'particular' product. But, let's face it, using TIM HOLTZ 'ANYTHING' is NEVER a limiting factor.

I wanted to do something different so I decided to do a steampunk project. I started with a NERF gun (NEON ORANGE AND YELLOW!) and sprayed it army green. Then I prepared the foil tape as per instructions on page 46 of the Compendium. Once it was dry I began to apply the tape to the gun. Watching the balance to make sure it was realistic. The tape has an awesome 'stick' factor which really liked the nerf gun. Easy to use and manipulate, I used a rubber shaper to rub the tape to get it super smooth. An xacto knife gave me a fine smooth edge.

Once the foil was on, then I applied Rub 'n Buff Spanish copper, gold, silver. Letting the layers dry then buffing them and adding more colour. This continued until I had the effect I wanted.

So for CC3 Challenge #6 I have made a purse using two of Tim Holtz's burlap panels..... I wanted something funky for my date on Sunday with my husband and this is what materialized. It actually was my immediate idea when the challenge was posted. I bought the second panel and then spent 13 days dreaming about it and figuring it out in my head. Then yesterday (Thursday July 17th) I had everything geared up to go and had a bad day (healthwise) and was in bed all day. So, I finally started it at 2 pm on Friday the 18th! Talk about tight deadline!

So, I colour photocopied a Canadian dollar bill from 1954 and put the front on this side and the back......

.......on the other! Using the bill as the backdrop for adding embellishments and following along with Tim Holtz's Compendium of Curiousities Volume III Challenge #6 which was page 37 "Altered Burlap panel I applied tissue as directed added the bill and the Ogden's Cigarette cards (wild birds). I love those cigarette cards I must have 40 different themes and hundreds of cards, I have them for art but it is sooooo hard to part with them....

Anyway, I used one of Tim Holtz Ideaology elastic bands as the closure with the hook being a drawer you may have noticed from the first picture I inserted Tim Holtz chit chat sticker "adventure" in the opening of the cabinet pull. The two sayings are off the top of my head but reflect my values....

"Make a genuine work of art"....use other's for inspiration but work with the project to make it yours, pour in the love, anger, frustration, tenderness....whatever the emotions you need to release and your work will reflect that.

On side one "old sentimental stuff is my magic remedy" for life.....I believe that having things that evoke a memory or brings a smile to my face is important. I am tactile oriented, I love to touch! As a child I was constantly told 'don't touch'! Now, I have to control myself not to feel a stranger's shirt in an elevator, invariably, I ask to touch it!

So, I'm including a gallery of the project below...

SIDE TWO first!

SIDE ONE is my favourite, I believe! I like the vibrancy of the dollar bill and the antique coins....

So, here are the photos from SIDE ONE....

The handles are made from faux pearls, the big pink ones (also used for the feet of the purse) are from a bracelet my daughter wore when she was in high school. The white pearls are part of a LARGE box of sorted pearls I got from an elderly woman in 2003....I finally used them!! I threaded everything onto a fine gauge wire that had some strength to it so the handles will be sturdy.

Inside the purse I wanted a LARGE pocket to fit my Samsung III cell phone in and then I wanted a bunch of nicely-sized pockets to hold all my cards and a lipstick. This purse is not for everyday use but for glitzy, artsy outings!

So, the card holder was made using Prima's 3x4 ATC pad....they were all set to go. All I had to do was pick out the one's I liked (the pack has 3 of each, so I used the same on the back as I did on the front) and cut out tabs so the cards are easy to get to. Then I used the Tim Holtz letters ( I LOVE and need to GET MORE) and assigned the pockets to the cards.....

Finally, the phone pocket....Everything fits and it is quite the conversation starter! The photo is of me when I was three and my mom at 26,,,,I used the Prima 4x6 pad and pulled out this nifty page. Slapped on a photocopied picture, edged with Distress pad (vintage photo) and deckle cut edge. Took a gold marker and scrawled on "How she loved her mom" I wanted it to look childlike but I think I should have written with my opposite hand to be more authentic, well...It looks good.

Hope you enjoyed the journey of my Challenge #6. Look forward to see you again at Challenge #7. Take care!

This challenge started in a totally different direction for me....I created the sky background by using the Tim Holtz "marble" background stamp on Distress Watercolour card stock using 'coffee' archival ink. I then followed the directions on page 39 of the Compendium of Curiosities Vol. III and coloured in the images to make a cohesive background. I used Distress Markers in Stormy Sky, China Blue and Faded Jeans.

Originally, I was going to do a framed print but I was organizing my art room and emptied this cigar box because it was broken. I laid the broken box pieces on my work surface and, all of a sudden, my mind saw the correlation between "boxes" in our brains (where we store all our impressions, thoughts, and data) and how the background looked like a raging storm....then it was just a hop, skip and a jump to Tim Holtz's balloon stamp and Creating a Brainstorm Box!

So, as I'm fiddling with hanging the stars from the side flaps I'm thinking...."how will people understand what I am saying" and that is when I opted to put in the 'sign' and utilize a lovely frame coloured in the colours of the art, again, using Distress Markers. I played on the computer to get the right font style, I settled on "CK I am five years old" because it had an innocence that spoke to me.

I sprayed the background of the saying using the Distress Marker Spritzer which also works amazingly well with food colouring to decorate cakes (but that is another story).

The Tim Holtz Balloon stamp was to draw an observer into the picture. To imagine being in the Balloon as you create a piece of Art, What does your brain look like when you are creating? Do you imagine swirls of colour, or winds or gears or what?

I used Baker twine to suspend the balloon and punched it through the paper flaps with a cross stitch needle. I decided how far I wanted the box to open, then made the string long enough to open up the box but, short enough that, when the box was opened the string was taunt. The twine is attached to the balloon through beads snugged into rivets. I wanted the shine of the bead to draw your eye to the hanging stars in the background, or vice versa.

Now, this nifty little device was something I snagged at a free recycle place! Amazing! I know…..I know – it’s hard not to envy some of the finds people make! Anyway, so it is a miniscule stationary clamp. Made of brass and a steel pin it was meant to go into a display shadow box or pin board. I figure they are circa 1940 or so….Gosh, I wish Tim Holtz would make and sell these. They are tooooo coooool for words and I wish I had a hundred of them….alas only four! Aren’t they pretty though?

The Rolled out page is not my original idea. Frank Garcia ( of Prima fame taught an incredible picture at the Prima Art venture in Anaheim, CA in January 2014. I’ve often said that mimicry is a form of flattery LOL…..SO; I tip my hat to Frank for being such an outstanding artist! Seriously, if you haven’t checked him out….you NEED to! As well, I can’t say enough about Prima Art ventures….Fabulous, stupendous… your pennies and get yourself to one of the upcoming art ventures….check that out at Prima (

So the left side of the box is filled with brass star embellishments that I hung from fine filament so that they would move with any breeze or disturbance. They spin lazily while the art sits on my kitchen counter….the movement triggers my imagination and I wonder, again, if my Brain has something similar in the Brainstorm Box.

The Idea Counter…..It is a vintage counting device that has a soft green felt on the bottom so I know it sat on a glass counter or on a fine desk….what did they count with it? My mother bought it for me at an antique sale that we visited while passing through Abbottsford, BC. We had driven there from Victoria for a job interview, well my job interview….my mom was company. So, we checked out this sale and this little beauty was sitting there waiting for me. It truly epitomizes me…I love antique/vintage eclectic…..and mechanical with numbers is even better! So…..thanks MOM! xo

This is the right side of the box. I suspended the ‘sign’ with a wooden sewing bobbin….I was loath to use something that was cool because it was hidden. In the end I couldn’t help it…..It was the exact depth I needed. I didn’t want the picture to sit too deep into the box and stick out to far….I think I got it JUST RIGHT!

I hope you enjoyed this little journey.....stay tuned for Challenge #6 where I get to create with the burlap panel.....oooooh! Wait until you see!

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