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"Dabrowska Black" Treasure Tin

Prima ArtVenture 2014 I attended a class with Ania Dabrowska (aka Finnabair). Fabulous class, Fabulous event! In the class Ania taught this technique with 'Black'...I was so taken with it I decided that my treasure tin line would begin in honour of her. So, using her 'signature' technique I have put together this treasure tin. The tin is an old aluminum film tin.

I placed 1/2 a sphere of Styrofoam on the lid and went to town attaching all my old jewelry and keepsakes. The list of what is included is below.

I lined the inside with velvet and ran black spiral piping along the inside edge. The feet are beads from a necklace my daughter gave me in 1998. On the metal of the lid I painted gesso and then, using moulding paste, I applied the 'clock' stencil from Tim Holtz.

So, you are probably wondering how I got the wire to curl like that? Well, very easily....It is a watch spring! The jewel dangling from it is a piece of amethyst from a bracelet. I've had it appraised and it is from 1880-1890. I got it at a garage sale in 1987 for $5 - there is 18 pieces. It is true what they say, "One man's garbage is another man's treasure"! I believe there is a country song about that.....

On the underside of the lid I fit a piece of watercolour paper and sprayed it with Lindy's stamp gang spray. Lightly sketching in a spiral line I used it to write the contents of the lid on as follows:

"First, second and third gear from old American clocks pre-1900's - probably Ansonia, Seth Thomas and Sessions from a box I've had for the last 30 years. Some Swiss mainsprings for bracelet watches that I got from my clock mentor Pat Higgins. A pair of earrings I wore during my years as a professional speaker and facilitator. the earrings from my wedding. A piece of a green bracelet from 1930. a chain with two clips that would cinch in the waist of a shirt - I got that my last year of high school. The dog tag for Casey-Jones. Finally, an engagement ring I wore for many years."

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